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With your experience and success you are a well known player in your market. You are looking for somebody to facilitate your innovation process.

Here's how I can help you

The ability and willingness to (un-)learn is a crucial skill and the opportunities companies offer to be able to do so are sought after by the best of the best talents. But all the tools we learned to have insightful workshops cannot be copy-pasted into a digital setting. I facilitate online workshops to allow for the “capturing lighting in a bottle” moments that you strive for!

You are looking for a fresh eye on your project idea. You are looking for international insights and an overview on the landscape in the Digital Sphere.I offer you an exclusive look into my technology, industry, market and business expertise and analytical skills to help you achieve your innovation and transformation goals. Stay relevant in the market using my brain!​

6 Einzel-Sessions zu je 60 Minuten inkl. Vor- und Nachbereitung mit mir unddarüber hinaus einen 3-monatigen E-Mail-Support Preis: 3.000 Euro(zzgl. gesetzlicher MwSt.)   use your collective intelligence 

A transformation process is a big project. And as with every project there are obstacles and pitfalls. With Digitalization Transformation Projects these pitfalls seem to be even bigger. On average, 70% of Digitalization Projects fail.I help you and your transformation team to stay on track and deal with hurdles so your project ends up an encouraging success. ​

We rise by lifting others. That is a core belief I carry in everything I do. Having the confidence to use our digital potential to the fullest and using digital tools for our wellbeing requires trust in the own capacities to play with them. I help you to empower yourself by supporting your development. As a mentor I offer my knowledge and experience to you . As a coach, we will specifically work on your personal skill set and develop it in a way that supports your goal.​

It can feel paralysing to see the vast amount of digital solutions and possibilities out there in the wild. But rest assured, you already have everything it needs to put your company on the starting line. You are not too late to join the game. Let’s uncover your future opportunities, strengthen your Business Development and address your customers’ needs even better!I can help you set the roadmap and the right objectives to unleash your full digital potential.