You are working as a freelancer, a solopreneur or as owner of a small company
You started doing what you do because you love what you do.

But by now administrative tasks eat up such a big part of your work that you end up not spending even close to enough time on your passion projects. 

So you make the decision to get help – in the form of digital tools. But man, is there a lot out there! What are you even looking for? Is this tool really right for you? Can you even use that? Did you consider all the legal regulations –  GDPR, just to name one? 

And now suddenly you end up spending way more time just administering those tools than you ever wanted to spend on admin overall. 

But having more time for what you love? That doesn’t really happen…

I know from my own experience how tiring it can be for entrepreneurs not to be able to go all in when it comes to digitization.

For fear of getting bogged down, overworking – or not even finding the right entry point. You may even feel like you are late anyway.

But I also know: There is a way for you to use the advantages of digital tools as well! No matter if you just haven’t found the right system or if digital operations seems not to match with neurodivergent thinking – together we will find the dynamics to playfully develop your digital potential. 

Let me help you answer all these questions regarding your digital setup:

  • Where are you standing right now?
  • Where do you want to go?
  • What goal would also be possible?
  • And how do you get there?

What This Investment will look like:

Your Digital Potential report will be written uniquely for you and your situation. It will show you where you already use a lot of your potential and where you can improve.

It will help and support you, not stress you out even more. Once it is ready for you, no need to put in more work other than to walk the talk.

But to know exactly what you want and need I ask for insight into your current business situation. 

This is why I invite you to:

  • fill out our Onramp Assessment (approximately 1 hour)
  • invest in a 2 hour Onramp Interview with Saskia
  • To create the best report possible for you I need you to be as open and curious as possible with me. 

These things will help us to understand your story and to create your unique Digital Potential report. 

So let’s wrap it up… How much money will you have to invest? 

For 700,00 € (excl. VAT) you get the Onramp Assessment, the 2-hour Onramp interview with Saskia, your customised report, a post-assessment hour-long call to clarify the results, plus one half-hour follow-up call if needed.

What you can Expect to receive:

After submitting the Onramp Assessment and the interview we will get to work and create your personalised digitalization story. 

Based on your answers from the earlier steps we will provide you with an in-depth report about where your business is right now, where you want to go, what your core business is and which digital tools can support you. 

You are not a fan of plain text reports? Good, we neither. Your report will include engaging graphics and data visualisations.  

Do you still have questions? I am always there for a follow-up call to answer remaining questions.

The final chapter of the study will be a possible roadmap to show you what your journey could look like, how long it could take and how much money you might need to invest. 

Where is automation a good idea? Where could you profit from a digital business model? And how can digital collaboration make your life easier?

So you end up with a setup that is optimal for your individual situation to reduce your administrative work and
that lets you focus on what you do best – offering your special service.

I know, asking for help is a scary process, because it requires trust.

This is why I promise my clients 100% confidentiality.

All your data will be stored in accordance with the GDPR regulations of the European Union. If, in the process, I need to contact any of my longterm network partners to help you even better they will be held accountable to the same standards I ask of myself. 

Under no circumstances will I sell your data. Never. Promised and sealed.

I want to have my Digital Potential Report
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