Last Updated: September 23, 2021

2021 Progress 72%

🛠 What I am working on right now

  • My Digital Mentoring Mission is in full swing.
    • My 🧠 Digital Potential Program is heading into the Beta Phase. Registration for the next cohort starting on October 25th 2021 is now open! Sign up here!
    • Also, the 📈 Digital Potential Report is about to be realeased next month. Together with Fementor I will launch my Roadmap Service for everyone who just needs a quick heads up and a fresh look on where to go. Funny story: We launch it on Fementors 2nd birthday – which is also *my* birthday! 🎂
    • This Fall it is going to be all around the right setup for your 🏥 Digital Support System . I want to build a whole system that helps you get back to the work you love and doesn’t add up on your admin work.
  • Collaborations are the backbone of my working days. I could do everything by myself, but it would neither be fun nor really efficient use of time. So why would I spend that if I know people who can do it better, quicker and who love to do what they’re doing just as I love working on what I am doing. So here are my current collaboration projects:
    • 🧱 Your Business OS: I am researching together with a negotiation expert to go deeper into the connection between your professional relationships, the infrastructure of your business and your offer. If you want to support us, feel free to provide your insights in this survey!
    • 👭 Collaborative Storytelling: We have been experimenting a lot with the immense power of co-creating stories. Now we put all this into the workshop format “And the moral of the story is…” and the results are amazing! Find testimonials on our website and contact me if you’re interested in a third volume!
    • ☕️ Hybrid Hangouts: My collaboration partner at the Hybrid Humans, Sharon, and I do that a lot anyway: Hang out together and discussing about everything that passes our radar. So we started putting dates in our calendar where we open up these conversations to everyone who wants to join us! Find the next Hangouts on our LinkedIn Events Page

🔬 What I am researching

  • I am currently looking into 📣 Speaker Agencies who would be interested in working with me. I want to bring my experience into the world. Any ideas? Contact me!

Concepts that I am obsessed with right now


🧠 What I am learning right now

  •  I am not feeling great in front of a camera. So I was looking for a way to desensitize myself. And maybe I found the perfect format in Instagram Stories. They only stay for 24 hours and then they disappear again. No harm done, if anything goes wrong. And now I am eager to learn how to spread even more of my knowledge on that platform. If you are curious about my learning experience, follow me!
  • With a client I just got a licence to play with Tableau. I’ll have that for a year now and so I decided to follow up with the learning programs they offer and maybe even get some certificates. So I am officially getting into Data Analysis!

What I do right now to reset my brain






  • Right now I need to hear more music than podcasts. So I went back to listening to Ziggy Alberts on repeat.


  • Very happy that the German Late Night Show ZDF Magazin Royale is back from summer break!
  • Downton Abbey – the harder the times the more I fall for British shows of British Royalty. I’m not quite sure what draws me to them, I am not exceptionally fond of Royalty as a state form. But watching these shows almost everything draw me really badly into a binge-watch marathon.

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